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Privacy policy


The Glow Method at Home was formed by Joanna Perkins and Betsan de Renesse. They wanted to create something to empower women, allowing them to be the healthiest and happiest mums they can be.

If you have any questions regarding how information may be used you must use the contact us tab shown on the website or the information contained at the bottom of this notice.

Your rights

This privacy notice is intended to provide transparency and accountability regarding what personal data The Glow Method at Home will collect about you, how it will be processed and stored, how long it will be retained, who will have access to your data and your rights.

The information we give you about our use of your information will be:

  • Brief, easy to read and easily accessible;
  • Written in clear, plain language; and
  • Free of charge.

What personal data is collected?

Personal data is information from which an individual can be identified either directly or indirectly when the information is read in conjunction with other data that a data controller holds.

The only data items collected are as follows:

  • Your name
  • Email address

What laws do we use?

The law determines how we can use information. The laws we follow that allow us to use identifiable information are listed below:

  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • UK Data Protection Bill
  • Human Rights Act
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Common Law Duty of Confidence - Confidentiality
  • Computer Misuse Act
  • Audit Commission Act
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

The Glow Method at Home is the organisation that administrates the processes that involves the collection of specific data through the work of many areas and is the holder and user of your information for these processes.

Why your personal data is collected

The Glow Method at Home will provide training videos to it's members and your information is currently stored to give you notifications when these are available.

Our legal basis for the processing of personal data is our legitimate business interests, although we will also rely on contract, legal obligation and consent for specific uses of data where applicable.

We will rely on legal obligation if we are required to hold information relating to you to fulfil our legal obligations.

We will in some circumstances rely on consent for particular uses of your data and you will be asked for your express consent, if legally required. 

How your personal data is collected 

Personal data is collected from your point of registering your interest on The Glow Method at Home website.

How your personal data is kept secure

Access to your personal data is restricted to the authorised team within The Glow Method at Home.

Your personal data on The Glow Method at Home will be retained in accordance with the The Glow Method at Home Information and Data Governance Policies including Confidentiality guidelines, Records Management and Data Quality.

How and why your personal data may be shared

Staff members employed by The Glow Method at Home with specific authorised roles will have access to data entered into The Glow Method at Home as appropriate.

Your personal data may be shared with The Glow Method at Home Staff (only those who support and manage The Glow Method at Home).


Aggregated, anonymised reports may be produced within The Glow Method at Home to provide the comparative analysis. At no point will any individuals be identified in these reports.

The Glow Method at Home will not transfer your data to a third party unless it is satisfied of the following matters:

  1. That there is a fair and lawful basis to share your personal data with the third party (this is accessed for fair and legal purposes at every eventuality). 
  2. The data will be handled by the third party in accordance with their own arrangements on Data Protection legislation and will only be shared if they demonstrate their own compliance with the law.

Where the data is used for analysis and publication by a recipient or third party, any publication will be on an anonymous and aggregated basis, and will not make it possible to identify any individual. This will mean that the data ceases to become personal data.

Security of your Information

The Glow Method at Home takes responsibility to look after your personal information very seriously. This is regardless of whether it is electronic or in paper form. 

We also employ someone who is responsible for managing information and its confidentiality to ensure:

  • your information is protected; and
  • inform you how it will be used.

All staff are required to undertake training on a regular basis. Comprehensive training is required to help protect the information that has been given, used, processed by The Glow Method at Home.

The training makes sure that all staff working in The Glow Method at Home, are aware of their responsibilities about the handling of your information regardless of the department that they work in.

Your rights and responsibilities

It is important that you work with us to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date.

All communications from The Glow Method at Home will normally be by email. It is therefore essential for you to maintain an effective and secure email address or you may not receive important news and updates.

Where identifiable and relevant, The Glow Method at Home will make sure that you are able to have access to your information. This is so that you know what we hold.

You have the right:

  • To know about details of how your information is used; and
  • Have copies of your information.

Legitimate interest

The Glow Method at Home and all of its services have a “legitimate interest” in continuing to process personal data where: 

  1. there is a real business interest being pursued in continuing to process the personal data;
  2. the processing is absolutely necessary in order for the business to pursue that interest (i.e. the interest cannot be pursued in another way which is proportionate); and
  3. the processing is balanced against the impact such processing will have on the fundamental rights and freedoms of data subjects. 

It is important that you understand who is responsible for keeping your data safe. We collect your personal data with your express consent for purposes set out in this Privacy Notice.

The lawful basis for processing are set out in the GDPR Article 6.

For more information about Article 6, please refer to the following link:

If you have any concerns in relation to how your personal data is processed, please contact The Glow Method at Home team, contact details in the further information section below.

Should you wish to learn further information about legislation relating to confidentiality, please visit the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website. The ICO deals with complaints about how data controllers have dealt with information matters and provides useful guidance.

Making a complaint 

If you wish to make a complaint about any issues you have experienced regarding your information, then please contact:

Joanna Perkins or Betsan de Renesse
The Glow Method at Home


If you are still unsatisfied following your complaint and this remains unresolved, you have the right to make a complaint to the: 

Information Commissioner’s Office,
2nd Floor,
Churchill House,
17 Churchill Way,
Cardiff, CF10 2HH 


Further information

For more information relating to this privacy notice or questions on the content, please contact:

The Glow Method at Home