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The post natal method

Our programme will guide you with the most specialist and forward thinking approach to achieve your exercise or functional goals.

Whether you want to get back to running, your favourite Hiit class or just feel confident and energetic enough to run around after your toddler we will guide you through with our completely unique, step by step, real time videos.

Follow each stage, playing the 10-30min video in order. At the intervals highlighted: check in with our symptoms checker and then continue to progress enjoying safe and sweaty workouts that will leave you stronger and more connected with your core system than ever before.

Stage 1 - Getting started

stage 1

The start of your core and pelvic floor rehab (appropriate from 0 weeks post partum).

Videos in this stage:
  • Introduction
  • Aerobic 1
  • Pelvic floor
  • Core
  • Posture
  • Mummy movement patterns
  • Pilates stretch 1

Stage 2 - Building Strength and Endurance

stage 2

From 6 weeks post partum and following completion of stage 1.

Videos in this stage:
  • Introduction
  • POP chat and monitoring during workout
  • Diastasis
  • POP your workout
  • Aerobic 2
  • Warm up
  • Cool down
  • Core Workout 1
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Lower Body 1
  • PGP proof your workout
  • Upper Body 1
  • Full body workout 1
  • Core workout 2
  • Lower body 2
  • Upper body 2
  • Full body workout 2
  • Core workout 3
  • Lower body 3
  • Upper body 3
  • Full body workout 3
  • Glute endurance
  • Pilates stretch 1
  • Pilates stretch 2

Stage 3 - Returning to Impact

stage 3

From 12 weeks post partum and completion of stages 1 and 2.

Videos in this stage:
  • Introduction
  • Running posture
  • Strength for running 1
  • Strength for running 2
  • Plyometrics 1
  • Plyometrics 2
  • Plyometrics 3
  • Glutes for runners
  • Runners core

Stage 4 - Keep it up!

stage 4

Congratulations on your rehab and fitness journey so far!

We want to continue to be part of your female specific exercise programme, so head over to our GlowFit programme for more challenging and progressive workouts including HIIT workouts, higher loading core workouts, planks, burpees, sit ups and so much more!

For videos on specific postnatal musculoskeletal complaints head over to our Physio clinic.