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The GlowFit method

Continue your exercise journey with the GlowFit method.

Female specific training programmes, with specific core and pelvic floor cues to train effectively as a woman.

Core and pelvic floor friendly fitness which will motivate you, challenge you and leave you feeling sweaty and energised.

Our perfect mix of Hiit classes, strength training, pilates and stretch sessions will ensure you always find a workout to suit your mood.

Stage 1 - Foundations

Glowfit intro53 of 127

Learn the foundations of our core and pelvic floor friendly workout programme.

Videos in this stage:
  • GlowFit foundations
  • Ab appearance and core strength
  • Abdominal pressure
  • Pelvic floor 1: isolate and coordinate
  • Pelvic floor 2: strengthen and integrate

Stage 2 - GlowFit classes

Glowfit Classes54 of 127

Classes which you can modify and progress to help re connect with and strengthen your core, pelvic floor and whole body.

Videos in this stage:
  • Warm up
  • Cool down
  • Advanced yoga flow
  • Core sculpt 1
  • Full body workout 4
  • Core sculpt 2
  • Runners core
  • Conditioning 1
  • Conditioning 2
  • Cardio LiiT 1
  • Cardio LiiT 2
  • Express arms
  • Express glutes
  • 10-1 workout
  • Full body
  • Full body 1
  • Full body 2
  • Full body 3
  • Full body 4

Stage 3 - Relaxation and physio clinic

Glowfit yoga and relax

Physiotherapy advice and workout modifications to deal with some of the most common complaints and help keep you moving.

Videos in this stage:
  • Pelvic floor release circuit
  • Glutes for endurance
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Thoracic and rib pain
  • POP chat and monitoring during workout
  • POP your workout
  • Yoga nidra intro
  • Golden thread breath intro
  • Golden thread breath relaxation practice 2
  • Golden thread breath relaxation practice 3
  • Ujjayi breath intro
  • Ujjayi relaxation practice