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Online physio led pregnancy, postnatal, menopause and female specific fitness and rehab

Why the Glow Method?

  • Developed by a UK physiotherapist
  • Medically recommended
  • Complete pre and post natal journey
  • 5 star reviews from our clients
  • Made by mums for mums!

The unique combination of physiotherapy, functional strength training and pilates will help keep you active through your motherhood journey, from conception to long term recovery. We will safely and effectively guide you through energising pregnancy fitness classes and birth preparation, core and pelvic floor rehab and challenging workouts post baby. Let us empower you with energy and confidence, all from within the comfort of your own home.

“Whether pregnant or postnatal, we’re confident that our programme will make you feel energised, stronger and more connected to your core system than ever before” (Jo and Betsan , co-founders)

The pregnancy method


Prepare effectively and confidently for pregnancy and birth.

Learn the foundations of our method including the anatomy and function of your core, pelvic floor, posture and breathing mechanics.

Enjoy a physio led combination of pilates, stretch classes and energising fitness to prepare for your best pregnancy and birth.

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The post natal method


The most specialist and comprehensive postnatal rehab programme currently available.

Whether you want to get back to running, your favourite Hiit class or just feel confident and energetic enough to run around after your toddler we will guide you through with our completely unique, step by step, real time videos.

Follow each stage, playing the 10-30min video in order. At the intervals highlighted: check in with our symptoms checker and then continue to progress enjoying safe and sweaty workouts that will leave you stronger and more connected with your core system than ever before.

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The GlowFit method


Continue your exercise journey with the GlowFit method.

Female specific training programmes, with specific core and pelvic floor cues to train effectively as a woman.

Core and pelvic floor friendly fitness which will motivate you, challenge you and leave you feeling sweaty and energised.

Our perfect mix of Hiit classes, strength training, pilates and stretch sessions will ensure you always find a workout to suit your mood.

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The physio clinic


Jo advises on some common complaints through all of our methods including knee, shoulder, back pain and pelvic girdle pain as well as injury prevention strategies.

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The MenoGlow method


Menopause specific and medically recommended education and exercise classes to support you through the menopause.

Enjoy a combination of progressive strength and plyometric workouts, pelvic floor and core programmes, balance, yoga, pilates, relaxation and nutrition all based on the most current evidence available.

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Thank you for making this available to everyone, I'd love a mummy MOT but I couldn't afford it and would struggle to find time for appointments. Glow at home is definitely helping me, and I'm so grateful for it.

Glow Method at Home Subscriber

I've been doing the exercises from glow at home regularly. I'm not sore in daily activities any more, my tummy looks like it's bulging/sagging less as my abs heal, and I feel more confident about building up my activity levels.


Mini victory... did a 400m incline run on a treadmill in-between other classes at the gym this week... was completely symptom free!  First time in over 4 years I've been able to run feeling like that!

Glow Method at Home Subscriber

Today marks 2 weeks of following the workout planner every day... and I have to say its SO well paced. Last week and this week I got Wednesday and was a bit “bleurgh” about doing anything strenuous. A bit achey, a bit tight... I look on the plan and LOOK rest day with optional Pilates! So both weeks I’ve done the stretches and they just TOTALLY satisfy my need to rest and stretch (a bit mentally too by the middle of the week!) ready to get going again tomorrow.

Glow Method at Home Subscriber

Honestly I just love it so much and it’s everything I’ve been looking for.


Odd thing I never thought I’d celebrate, but I just sneezed and forgot to consciously engage pelvic floor before but I still didn’t leak at all.

Glow Method at Home Subscriber

I have been following the glow method at home throughout my entire twin pregnancy and I ma now 37 weeks pregnant. It has enabled me to get this far feeling strong and energised. Not only dies my body feel prepared for labour but I am also confident that I will have a speedier recovery.

Danni - Canada

I love how user friendly and motivating the pregnancy method is and I cant wait to continue using it to support my recovery.

Glow Method at Home subscriber

Since having my second baby lev struggled with pelvic floor dysfunction and the glow method has been my life line! I loved the informative videos explaining how to adapt my workouts but also the progressive nature of each section so I could really build my strength up gradually. I feel stronger and so much more like me again.

Katie - Cardiff

I've loved having access to all of the videos in the glow method any home. They're easy to follow and I love the progressive nature of each section. During the lockdowns and periods of isolation we've had, its been great to know I can still fit in a quick workout around my baby and toddler.