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The post natal method Stage 3: Returning to Impact

Returning to Impact

From 12 weeks post partum and completion of stages 1 and 2.

A truly unique phase that gives running specific strength workouts and plyometric progressions that will prepare your pelvic floor and core for impact. 

Download our running checklist for symptom and functional goals to achieve before returning to running

Check out the running protocols to help advise you on distances to safely run each week


Suggested order Content Equipment
Introduction Learn about the importance of a progressive approach to returning to impact Enjoy on your sofa!
Running posture Learn how your running technique can help manage your symptoms and efficiency Enjoy on your sofa or join in
Strength for running 1 Target running specific muscles Sofa/chair, theraband, mat/rug for your comfort
Strength for running 2 Continue to strengthen running specific muscles to make you more efficient when running Kettlebell, sofa, tea towel/slider
Plyo 1 The first of your plyometric/jumping progressions Mini loop band/theraband (optional)
Plyo 2 Progressive jumps Mini loop band/theraband (optional)
Plyo 3 Return to jumping jacks safely! Mini loop band/theraband (optional)
Glutes for running Short and sweet glute activation to prepare for running Mini loop band (optional)