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The post natal method Stage 1: Getting started

Getting started

The start of your core and pelvic floor rehab (appropriate from 0 weeks post partum).

Hi ladies and welcome to stage 1

This phase gives you 7 videos which are a combination of information and gentle movement, which set the foundations for your whole rehab journey. Its really worth playing these videos more than once so you fully understand the principles behind our method. A little bit of patience in this phase will give you greater success as you move onto the more dynamic phases of our programme.

Suggested Order Content Equipment
Introduction Learn about your core cylinder Enjoy on your sofa!
Aerobic 1 Advise on early cardiovascular exercise Enjoy on your sofa!
Pelvic floor Pelvic floor activation Pillow/mat for comfort
Core Deep abdominal activation Pillow/mat/pilates ball/cushion (optional)
Posture Learn how your posture effects your core control Enjoy on your sofa or join in!
Mummy movement patterns Daily movement patterns technique advise Enjoy on your sofa or join in!
Pilates stretch 1 Light mobility and stretch programme Mat/Rug for comfort


* See workout planner in stage 2 for suggestions on your weekly routine and progressions *