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Online physiotherapist led post natal rehabilitation and fitness

The combination of Physiotherapy, functional strength training and pilates will allow you to safely and effectively rehab your core, pelvic floor and body post baby from within the comfort of your own home.

“We are confident that our programme will make you feel energised, stronger and more connected to your core system than ever before and allow you to reach your functional goals” (Jo and Betsan , co-founders)

stage 1



Getting started - the start of your core and pelvic floor rehab (appropriate from 0 weeks post partum).

Learn about the anatomy and function of your core, pelvic floor, posture and breathing mechanics in these series of videos to safely reset the foundations of stability. Including early activation and strengthening exercises, technique advise on mummy movements and a stretching programme.

stage 2



Building Strength and Endurance - From 6 weeks post partum and following completion of stage 1.

This stage is broken down into 3 phases, each including an upper, lower, core and full body work out. Each phase progressively increases the challenge to your core and pelvic floor, giving you safe and sweaty workouts that will leave you feeling great and wanting to do the next one. It also includes a symptom checker and a pilates stretching programme to address common areas of stiffness or for those days when you just need to slow down and connect with your body.

stage 3



Returning to Impact - From 12 weeks post partum and completion of stages 1 and 2.

A truly unique phase that gives running specific strength workouts and plyometric progressions that will prepare your pelvic floor and core for impact. It also includes running technique advise and week by week distance protocols. It is your one stop to the most comprehensive return to impact programme currently available.

stage 4



Keep it up!

By the end of stage 3 we are so confident you’ll be feeling great and motivated that you won’t want to stop. This stage consists of ongoing workouts and physiotherapist led exercises to target common post partum complaints such as pelvic girdle pain, shoulder and knee pain.